The Christmas City of the North Parade 2019
2019 Live Parade Broadcast

It was a complete honor to have taken part in the 2019 Christmas City of the North Parade in Duluth, Minnesota! It was our first time at the event and something that we have always wanted to do! It was always a goal to be a part of this event from our original inception.

Not many know but when we were forming our group, we loved this parade so much that we used this moniker as the initial forming of our name by considering being called “Ghostbusters of the North.” Because that is a mouthful and marketing is already tough as it is, we shortened the name to “Ghostbusters North.” Years later, we would be told by other franchises that we are considered unique because we do not use a specific location and we also are one of the very few that put Ghostbusters first in our name. Most use a location such as “Twin Cities Ghostbusters” or the “New York Ghostbusters.” We did not want to use a location to be more inclusive to all the people that we visit and bring joy to!

Originally, we were met with some skepticism to being in this holiday tradition in the Northland but due to an outpouring of community support, we not only got in but we also were featured in a few news stories featured below.

Here is to many more parades in Duluth with snow!
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