Northland group harnesses ‘Ghostbusters’ cosplay for a good cause – Duluth News Tribune

An Ectomobile quietly moved up a wooded driveway.

On went the sirens, lights and the immortal theme song as the car neared a party of adults and kiddos waiting in a front yard. Soon, three members of the Ghostbusters North exited the wagon, dressed in full gear, offering waves and hugs to grinning children as parents snapped photos.

We are now a coloring page!

A big thank you to Doug at Free Range Studio for helping us become a coloring page! These are now available (along with other cool activities!) in a new section called ACTIVITIES AND DOWNLOADS!

Welcome Clark!

We are very proud to welcome Clark to our small Ghostbusters North family! Clark was one of the first people to ask about joining our organization when we first started in 2015. It took...


Ghostbusters North member and film maker, Matt Rasmussen, is on a mission… a mission from the 90s! And that mission entails bringing back ECTO COOLER! In 2016, Coca Cola and Hi-C brought the nostalgic...