Matt is the charismatic “mouth” of the crew. He does not shy away from much and is always the enthusiastic spark needed to kick the doors in on our adventures!

When not collecting spores, molds and fungi, Matt works in the film industry as a news director and film maker. He currently has released several films including GOOSEBUMPS: SAGA OF SCARES which got the positive praise from author R.L. Stine himself! (He’s currently working on the ECTO COOLER RESURGENCE project!)

Jeremy is the parade and birthday coordinator for Ghostbusters North. He has been volunteering for various functions for several years so it is only natural that he is a vital part of our organization. He hopes one day to help find a cure for cancer.

When not covered in ectoplasmic residue, Jeremy enjoys watching Minnesota Vikings football, watching the Nightmare of Elm Street franchise, and trying new restaurants with his girlfriend, Holly.

Adam handles most of the communication and public marketing for the group. He has been an avid Ghostbusters fan and collector since early childhood.

When not driving around in the ECTO-6, Adam can be found working as a firefighter. He also wrote a book about the paranormal that chronicled his journeys of exploring the unknown!

The Ronald McDonald House is a cause close to his heart as he is a dad to a daughter with a congenital heart defect (CHD) and has benefitted from their services.