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Ghostbusters Day 2024: 40 Years

Every year on June 8, fans from around the world celebrate the original release of the film GHOSTBUSTERS. The movie premiered on that date in 1984.

In 2024, the film celebrated 40 years of its legacy which now spans 5 cinematic movies, two cartoon series, numerous merchandising endeavors, thousands of fan franchises and several generations.

New Facebook Page for Ghostbusters North

Due to a Facebook community standard, many Ghostbusters franchises pages were unpublished without much explanation or resolve. We hope to reconnect with those who have followed us over the last 8 years.

A New Project: Heroes North

The team at Ghostbusters North is proud to announce that we are launching a side project in 2023; Superheroes! We have been inspired by the young kids that we interact with and have found a new adventure to embark on! While this will not take away from our Ghostbusters duties,...

Welcome Troy!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Troy! Troy recently joined our team after years of watching us interact with the community. Troy is a father of 4 girls, devoted husband, and tech guru! In his spare time, Troy likes to spend time with family and to research...

Welcome Jason!

We would like to welcome new member Jason Ness to our team! Jason has been helping us out here and there during many events over the years but is finally making the jump to the team in 2022 for full time! Jason brings a lot of technical experience to the...

Northland group harnesses ‘Ghostbusters’ cosplay for a good cause – Duluth News Tribune

An Ectomobile quietly moved up a wooded driveway.

On went the sirens, lights and the immortal theme song as the car neared a party of adults and kiddos waiting in a front yard. Soon, three members of the Ghostbusters North exited the wagon, dressed in full gear, offering waves and hugs to grinning children as parents snapped photos.