Author: GB North Adam

Ghostbusters Day 2024: 40 Years

Every year on June 8, fans from around the world celebrate the original release of the film GHOSTBUSTERS. The movie premiered on that date in 1984.

In 2024, the film celebrated 40 years of its legacy which now spans 5 cinematic movies, two cartoon series, numerous merchandising endeavors, thousands of fan franchises and several generations.

New Facebook Page for Ghostbusters North

Due to a Facebook community standard, many Ghostbusters franchises pages were unpublished without much explanation or resolve. We hope to reconnect with those who have followed us over the last 8 years.

Green Carpet Premiere for GB: FROZEN EMPIRE

Join us for an early release screening of the new GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE movie! We are hosting a “green carpet” premiere of the new film at Mann Hibbing Cinema 8 on Thursday, March 21, 2024! The showtime is at 6:45 PM but we encourage movie guests to show up early...